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Giglio Hotels Sorrento

Since 34 years Giglio Hotels Group in Sorrento a great choice of accomodation which goes from the 3 stars hotel to the 5 stars hotel with original and exclusive proposals. Sorrento Hotels

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Sorrento Place to Visit

Sorrento has a lot to offer for those who like to visit places of artistic and cultural interest...

Piazza Tasso
The Basilica of Saint
Marina Grande
Marina Piccola
Chiostro of Saint Francesco
Duomo Church
The antique walls
Sedil Dominova
Correale museum
Punta Campanella
Regina Giovanna


A charming trip through Sorrento's history: from his origin to...


Historical personages

The famous personages who lived in Sorrento


Sorrento Beach

Take a trip around Sorrento with us and see its beauty for yourself...


Photo Tour

2000 Photo of Sorrento and Peninsula.


Typical products

Sorrento is also famous for his specialities, in particular for "limoncello" a traditional liquor made from lemons.  Take the recipe to make it by yourself... 


Typical dishes

Discovering the typical dishes of our land; click here to take the recipes...



Sorrento is famous in the world for his objects of marquetry; click here to discover the techniques and the ability of the great craftsmen of the past..



Typical proverbs of our land (the only italian version is available)



Geographical Information

Sorrento is situated at about 13 miles from Napoli, on the southern side of the Gulf of Naples, between the parallels 4037’66 and 4037’79 and the meridians 1422’07 and 1422’76 Ikt.
It rises on a tufa ridge just on the sea and extends on a surface of about 9,9 square kilometres. With its17,500 inhabitants it is the most densely populated of the six communes of Sorrento Pensinsula. It is characterised by a mild and temperate climate for most part of the year, but the best period for those who love hot weather and sea life is from May to September.




By Plane:  from the airport Naples Capodichino,the private bus service Curreri with many daily trips every almost 2 hours,take all the guests to Sorrento,the nearest bus stop is the station of Sorrento.

By Car:  from Naples following the motorway A3 to Salerno.After 25 Km leads to Castellammare di Stabia.Going through the trank-road to Sorrento you arrive in Piazza Tasso.

By Train:  from the Central Station af Naples Garibaldi Square, take the Circumvesuviana, direction Sorrento (the trains of Circumvesuviana leave each
45 minutes till 11.00 p.m.)

By Sea:  From Naples harbour, Beverello wharf, take the hydrofoil to Sorrento, in 35 minutes we arrive to the harbour of Sorrento.Tourist Information: Sorrento is one of the most famous and beautiful town situated on the North Coast of Sorrentina Peninsula,on a tufaceous terrace on the Gulf of Naples.In 1133 it was conquered by Norman People and after, it became part of the Kingdom of Naples.The coast at present consists of the harbour zone of Marina Piccola and of the beach of Marina Grande,rich in bathing establishment.

To See:  The Cathedral,raised in the year one thousand,Sedile Dominova a loggia of archs of the year four hundred,the ruins of a Roman Arch;Torquato Tasso's monument who born in this town in XVI century.The Museum Correale of Terranova where there are paintings Collection and Naepolitan and stranger decorative arts from XVI to XIX century;glasses,watches and one of the most prestigious collections of porcelains of XVIII century.
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